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I'm doing an article for College Bound Teen magazine about college students and freedom. Many are often overwhelmed by the amount of freedom they have for the first time in their lives. I'm looking for interesting, real student stories of how too much of a good thing turned bad, and what they had to do to get back on track.

Looking for: students entering college, in college, or freshly graduated within the last two years.

(Please respond to any that apply to you. Return answers in an email to jerseygal526@yahoo.com with your full name, age, hometown and school you'll be attending in the fall 2006.)

1. As students going into college, how do you anticipate you'll handle freedom?

2. As a student in college, how do you balance your social life and classes? Do you find it easier to stay out late and indulge, or do you stay on top of yourself and make sure you're focused on school?
3. How can students manage their time, experience freedom that college provides but not go over the edge?

4. Do you/did you find the freedom in college to be over-enticing? Why or why not?

5. Did you ever experience a time when you were overdoing your social life and your classes/family life suffered? How did you get back on track?

Looking for responses by this Monday, June 20. Please email replies to jerseygal526@yahoo.com and please share this note with anyone you think can help!!

Thank you,
Kristen Fischer

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