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a little request for anyone who may be feeling extra helpful today!

i will be nice and put this behind an LJ cut b/c i may be x-posting it in some other similar communities...

so i read Prozac Nation a number of years ago, probably close to 6 or 7 years ago actually. it was during my freshman or sophomore year of high school and at a time in my life when i really needed to be reassured that someone out there had felt or was feeling the same way as me. this book definitely was the reassurance that i needed. and actually ive needed that same feeling lately as well. things havent been going very well for me and i worry that i am really losing myself to my depression and anxiety. sometimes im ok, sometimes im not. i just never quite know, but thats life i guess. i just recently watched the movie and although i wasnt entirely thrilled with its cinematic portrayal, there have been worse things to come out of Hollywood (any Tom Cruise movie for example).

seeing the movie did however, make me want to read the book again to see if i got anything new out of it now. or it if would quell any sense of loneliness and hopelessness that had seemingly begun to creep back into my mind as of late. unfortunately, due to my completely hectic schedule brought on by my usual academically over-achieving self, i ran out of free time during which i could re-read it. so now im taking a class, which will earn me credit for my psych minor, that involves therapeutic relationships and how to interact with patients on that level. granted, i wont be seeing any patients in a psychology practice b/c that is not my major, i will be dealing with people and working one-on-one with people frequently when i finally get my B.S. and certification in speech-language pathology. anyways, i should reall just make a long story short and explain why i am posting here.

dont take this as me being a bad student or lazy or anything b/c hey, i can i did read the book, it was just a number of years ago. this thursday (2/23/06) i am suposed to hand in a paper for that class and im using Prozac Nation as my book. its supposed to talk about the client-therapist relationship and how it was presented in the book. i have some ideas on it, and am re-reading some passages, but if anyone has any insight into that relationship or remembers anything that may be helpful while i am writing this paper, then i encourage you to let me know! im sorry if this comes off as a plea for someone to 'write my paper for me',i assure you, that is not my intentionl. i have nothing but respect for academic excellence and those who do work hard to keep up their GPA's and such. i do that too (and have managed to make the dean's list for the past 3 semesters!). but if anyone has recently read or re-read and is willing to help a girl out, then thats awesome. just putting it out there. thanks for reading my long rambling. i better stop now or ill just keep on typing.
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