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Prozac Nation : Young and Depressed in America

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(happiness is an ongoing battle)

[19 Sep 2008|10:47am]

(happiness is an ongoing battle)

I'm not sure if maybe my creativity creates my insanity or my insanity causes my creativity. [21 Aug 2008|11:57am]

I'm not sure if maybe my creativity creates my insanity or my insanity causes my creativity.

(happiness is an ongoing battle)

well that's one way to do it... [29 May 2008|03:25am]

This made me laugh. Not related to depression, but still felt like sharing.

(happiness is an ongoing battle)

[12 May 2008|08:19pm]

[ mood | productive ]

Hello all,
I have been looking around San Diego County for both, more information on safe houses & for local locations of them. I have a few leads but was wondering if any of you have any helpful hints or bits of information you would like to add to my search. Thank you in advance!

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[29 Jan 2008|10:18pm]
[ mood | frustrated ]

 hi. i guess you could say im new... i was only diagnosed with depression recently, but i think ive been struggling for a few months. i just feel frustrated all the time.  im also dealing with some food issues. i dont believe i have an ED, but i restrict my food immensely? 
anyways, ive been perscribed prozac and i just really dont want to take it.  i dont want to feel normal. its so messed up, i dont have anyone who understands.  does anyone here get that at all/ have any advice about the prozac?

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[30 Jul 2007|09:09pm]

I did somthing stupid last night.

I met this guy at a part a week ago.

he messages me on facebook asking if I wanted to hang out.

I said ok.

I was in his appartment, wh were listening to music.

all of a sudden we are playing this truth and answer game.

then he starts kissing me.

I slept with him.

I was a virgin.

He didn't know.

He still doesn't know.

I don't know why I did it.

Part of me thinks just to catch up to the rest of my friends.

or just to get it over with.

I feel like a week person.

I could have said no several times.

but I didn't.

He wants to see me again.

I am so confused.

I think I need to go either way, if only to tell him I don't want to do it again.

but I'm not even sure if that is the case.

it was protected though.

so thats good.

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just a crappy week... [28 May 2007|05:19pm]

[ mood | depressed ]

My parents will not stopp fighting, about every little thing there ever was to fight about,  my boyfriends mom absolutly hates me and the fact that i love holden and she hates me so called relying on him so much, it makes me so angry because i dont even like my dad that much and my mom doesnt either and mike doesnt either, but sumhow this sucks, it sucks so bad that ive cried the past two days straight, if it wasnt for me promising Holden i wouldnt slice away my arm id be doing that. becuz then everything that seemed to hurt before wouldnt hurt so much nemore, i guess alot of ppls dont understnd that though, i didnt either, i just thot it was sum way for stupid ppls to get attention but it acctually makes u feel better like ur okay now becuz youve acctually bleed your pain away, and sumhow thru the pain of a cut it makes u feel better. I know, i know, everything could be worse and yeah its my motto, but sumtimes it cant,  not in your life anyways, everything seems to be developing far far far from my favor and its doing it fast! I thought my bf's mom was acctaully beginnign to like me after 1 yr and 1 month, and then boom, here comes this and it had to be RIGHT on top of my parents talking about divorce and acctaully leaving the house, around here everything is about money with my step dad, and my mom has depression, socail anxiety and PTSD from rotten teenagers when she was young, they tormented her everyday of her life, and my family,...is so far from normal, i couldnt even explain to you how we are, every single person in my family is MESSED up! there all depressed ( i would think including myself the only ppls that make me truly happy are my mom and Holden and now Hol,dens mom wont even let us be together more than 2 days out of the week so there goes that part, and then my mom and its more than a struggle to keep her happy, she says my smile makes her hapy, but if u even understood the love i have for her you would understand why her not being happy kills me inside, i love her more than my life itself! anyways back to the other story) but my uncle suffered from a comma for 21 days and God helped himn thru it, he has no fingers or toes and he his brain is messed up. so theres that problem, my parents always fighting, my aunt never having money, money being the only priority in Marks life, trying to make my mom happy, fighting with my brother, my gparents getting old and depressed as much as anyone else,and the stress of trying to make everything seem as if it was normal all make me feel like dieing, and to want to feel like this is horrible, i wouldnt acctually kill myself ONLY  because i love my mom and i love holden and the rest of my family, you;d think it would be okay if i didnt get to twalk to Holden or be with him once in a while but u havent heard the other side of having no more friends, see last yr i had 6 very very vrey gopod friends, and then they moved to other schools, and they changed...i cant explain how but they did, the only one who didnt is the one who moved the furthest away, which figures, becuz everytime i made friends when i was little we moved seems right i should be repayed in full for this, so this yr i made 2 more good friends, and yu u guess it there both moving to another state! so yeah i have NOBODY to talk to but Holden and my mom now!, so ur thinkging well talk to ur mom? and i would, but she has enough stress to handle, i mean really,so what do i do? i cant live being sad everyday of my life. and now ur saying well be happy, and so i'll tell u that its not as easy as it sounds. Its just not as easy as it sounds...i guess you could say im angry at the world...

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[14 Apr 2007|11:14pm]

[ mood | bored ]

Hi, everyone... I was wondering if you could help me?

I'm writing an essay about how autobiography writers who've experienced a great deal of loss structure their work, and I'm mainly basing it off Girl, Interrupted, but I need a comparison book and thought of Prozac Nation.

The trouble is, it's been ages since I read it and my mum has since thrown it away (which sucks!), and I can't remember much about the way the book's structured. Does it run mainly chronologically, or does it skip about in time? Is it all written in more or less the same style, or does her authorial voice change?

Any help would be really, really appreciated... :)

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I'm new here and I need some advice. [05 Jan 2007|02:53pm]

Lately my depression has been so out of control. One minute I'm really high and then I got through patches of severe depression where it feels like everything is cutting me up. I had a nervous breakdown at the start of the year and now, I keep getting the feeling that everything is so foreign. And I've been really suicidal and I think I could easily do it because I have like virtually no support.
I've had psychiatric assessment and tried medication but it generally doesn't work on me and my psychologists just can't seem to get to the root of the problem. Could this be bipolar?
I'm not sure because I've read about psychosis before and I've been through that, I think.
Arg, probably sound really crazy now but I need help. I'm doing my best to cope and function on my own but I don't know how much longer I can last without the right medication.

[15 Nov 2006|06:06pm]
I am conducting a poll of an argumentative speech I am presenting to my public speaking class on antidepressants. If you could all please take a moment and fill out the poll located at the link below, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.


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[13 Oct 2006|12:50am]


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[28 Sep 2006|02:28am]

So college is pretty good, But I am so tempted to cut, there are sharp tbings all around me and the work is hard, but most of all I just miss it, I've been cut free for six months but I miss it terribly. My family is in such a point right now, Two of my uncles have cancer, on has a tumor on his pancreas the other has lukemia. My little brother is not getting any better, He has minor Autism and Siezures, My older brother is going ot Iraq at the end of ocgtober and I am stuck here looking at shiny metal objects. Man it would feel so good right now. My ocd is stagnant, I can't stop touching things muliple times and counting, It can take me two hours to get to sleep because of it. Man a slice would be so good right now. or two. or three.

So how are you all?

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x-posted, kinda off topic [26 Jul 2006|02:11pm]

note:(sorry if this post doesn't seem appropriate, please read, if it is inappropriate please accept my apologies and delete this post)

the echo survives the voice is a book i wrote of prose on various subjects, mostly relating to self harm, anorexia, borderline personaility disorder, severe depression and all of the mess that comes with such problems - hospitals, medication, etc. basically this is my life on page for someone to pick up, and hopefully be able to connect with and feel better about. it is also about grieving, loss, cancer, family, growing up, love, relationships, moving on and so much more.

if you'd like to read some of my writing before looking at the book, it is located here. a portion of the proceeds made from this book will be donated to the canadian cancer society in my mother's name.

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[15 Jun 2006|03:46pm]


I'm doing an article for College Bound Teen magazine about college students and freedom. Many are often overwhelmed by the amount of freedom they have for the first time in their lives. I'm looking for interesting, real student stories of how too much of a good thing turned bad, and what they had to do to get back on track.

Looking for: students entering college, in college, or freshly graduated within the last two years.

(Please respond to any that apply to you. Return answers in an email to jerseygal526@yahoo.com with your full name, age, hometown and school you'll be attending in the fall 2006.)

1. As students going into college, how do you anticipate you'll handle freedom?

2. As a student in college, how do you balance your social life and classes? Do you find it easier to stay out late and indulge, or do you stay on top of yourself and make sure you're focused on school?
3. How can students manage their time, experience freedom that college provides but not go over the edge?

4. Do you/did you find the freedom in college to be over-enticing? Why or why not?

5. Did you ever experience a time when you were overdoing your social life and your classes/family life suffered? How did you get back on track?

Looking for responses by this Monday, June 20. Please email replies to jerseygal526@yahoo.com and please share this note with anyone you think can help!!

Thank you,
Kristen Fischer

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[15 Jun 2006|01:23am]

Do we take drugs to get high? or just not to feel? Do we cut because we need to? Or do we cut because we have to? What is the difference? Have we become such a society that people are willing to hurt and ultimatly kill themselves not to feel? To get away from it? To tell the truth I'm scared, because if we're not there already, we're heading dangerously close. My scars remind me of everything that has happened in my life good or bad, does that mean I'm numb to the pain, that I can't tell the difference between good and bad? Does it even matter? That is the biggest question of all, I think, does it matter? What matters, is it really what you do with you're life, if so who decides what was worth while?

I saw a bunch of boys in the woods a couple weeks ago, they were about ten or twelve and they were passing around a joint, I just looked at them. Even though I knew it was wrong, esspecially that young, I didn't say anything. Does this mean that I am lazy? Does this mean that I don't really find it as reprehensible as I should? Does it mean that I don't want to get involved? Or does it mean that I simply don't care? I don't know. I truely don't know.

These are just my late - night rambling, feel free to leave a comment.

(happiness is an ongoing battle)

a little request for anyone who may be feeling extra helpful today! [21 Feb 2006|04:30pm]

[ mood | working ]

i will be nice and put this behind an LJ cut b/c i may be x-posting it in some other similar communities...

...Collapse )

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quick question [01 Feb 2006|08:22pm]

I'm trying to find the quote in Prozac Nation (the book) where she talks about depression coming on slowly, then all at once. Does anyone know the exact quote, or the page number? I would check my copy, but it's currently out on loan to a friend.


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[17 Dec 2005|11:25pm]

For the mod-

I was wondering if youw ere interested in a comod for this community. I'm a weird person who likes to post pictures.icons and change the layout alot. Any thoughts?

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[01 Dec 2005|02:07am]

I've been going through a lot since summer, and I've been drinking more, and talking less. Yes, nothing ever pleases me anymore, and I have made more and more depressive entries here in LJ. I'm very convinced that I am depressed. The thing is...
How do I go about bringing it up to my mother?

I know it won't be as easy as "Hey mom! I'm emotionally unstable, and I'm sad all the time. Can you bring me to a doctor so I can finally get prozac?"

What would be the proper way to go about it?

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